JIC, Bulkhead Union

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Parker manufacture the largest range of steel, stainless steel and brass adaptors with NPTF, BSPP, BSPT, UNF, JIC and Metric thread terminations. They are designed to meet industries requirements worldwide. Parker adaptors are used in a wide variety of applications such as agricultural and mobile equipment, machine tools, powerpacks, offshore, dockside and shipbuilding equipment.

Measurements: N/A Sales Unit: EACH Specification Sheet

Stock Code 
Part Number 
JIC Thread Size (Male) 
PN Working Pressure (PSI) 
00570063004WTX-WLNSSNo 45075316 STAINLESS STEEL
00570063506WTX-WLNSSNo 65075316 STAINLESS STEEL
005700642010WTX-WLNSSNo 105075316 STAINLESS STEEL
005700645012WTX-WLNSSNo 125075316 STAINLESS STEEL
005700646016WTXWLNSSNo 164050316 STAINLESS STEEL
00560073004WTXWLNBNo 43275BRASS
00560073505WTXWLNBNo 53275BRASS
00560074006WTXWLNBNo 63275BRASS
00560074508WTXWLNBNo 83275BRASS
005600750010WTXWLNBNo 103275BRASS
005600755012WTXWLNBNo 123275BRASS
00550097004WMTX-WLNMSNo 45075STEEL
00550097105WMTX-WLNMSNo 55075STEEL
00550097206WMTX-WLNMSNo 65075STEEL
00550097308WMTX-WLNMSNo 85075STEEL
005500974010WMTX-WLNMSNo 105075STEEL
005500975012WMTX-WLNMSNo 125075STEEL
005500976014WTXWLNSNo 144050STEEL
005500977016WMTX-WLNMSNo 164050STEEL
005500978020WMTX-WLNMSNo 203025STEEL
005500979024WMTX-WLNMSNo 242025STEEL