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Tungum® Alloy (Aluminium, Nickel, Silicon and Brass) combines an unusually high strength to weight ratio, with ductility, excellent corrosion resistance and first class fatigue properties. Highly resistant to sea water and its atmosphere, Tungum® resists both stress and crevice corrosion to offer outstanding serviceability, even at intermittent duty in the highly corrosive "splash" zone. Non-magnetic and non-sparking properties make Tungum® invaluable in piping high pressure gases, particularly oxygen where its thermal conductivity/defusivity characteristics virtually eliminate the potential dangers present when lesser materials are employed. Tungum® Alloy is a cryogenic material, suitable for chemical engineering and low temperature processes. Its corrosion resistance often enables its use in conveying fluids and gases containing corrosive elements. Tungum® is uncommon among copper alloys, in that heat treatments include precipitation hardening. This enables its physical properties to be increased or decreased as required, to suit the circumstances prevailing. Tungum®'s high proof to ultimate stress ratio enables system proof tests to be conducted well above working pressure, without risk of permanent set taking place. Supplied in random 4/7 metre lengths. When used in high pressure hydraulic or pneumatic circuits, these features, together with inherent "clean bore" characteristics, combine in affording an easily constructed, high integrity system, requiring a minimum of purging and no external protective treatment.

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