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Hydrasun is a leading distributor of Parker products worldwide and can apply these products / technologies to solve customer challenges. Parker is a global brand in motion and control technologies, providing precision-engineered solutions. Parker manufacture a wide variety of products including filtration, fluid and gas handling, hydraulics, pneumatics and process control. Hydrasun's technical team provides a comprehensive application engineering service for your fluid transfer, power and control requirements. From component selection through to the design, build, test and maintenance of sub-assemblies, equipment packages and systems, our team delivers a complete solution.

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Stock Code 
Part Number 
NPT Thread Size (Male) 
NPT Thread Size (Female) 
Working Pressure (PSI) 
00600051004-2RB-SS1/41/86,000316 STAINLESS STEEL
00600051506-2RB-SS3/81/86,400316 STAINLESS STEEL
00600052006-4RB-SS3/81/45,300316 STAINLESS STEEL
00600052508-2RB-SS1/21/86.600316 STAINLESS STEEL
00600053008-4RB-SS1/21/46,400316 STAINLESS STEEL
00600053508-6RB-SS1/23/84,600316 STAINLESS STEEL
006000540012-4RB-SS3/41/46,400316 STAINLESS STEEL
006000545012-6RB-SS3/43/84,600316 STAINLESS STEEL
006000550012-8RB-SS3/41/24,900316 STAINLESS STEEL
006000553016-4RB-SS11/44,600316 STAINLESS STEEL
006000554016-6RB-SS13/84,600316 STAINLESS STEEL
006000555016-8RB-SS11/24,600316 STAINLESS STEEL
006000560016-12RB-SS13/44,200316 STAINLESS STEEL