Parker, EO, BSPP Male Connector Series L, Form B Sealing

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Specification Sheet


The fittings and components listed are intended solely for the assembly of connections for fluid applications. Three series of EO tube fittings and accessories are manufactured in accordance with DIN 2353 (summary) on the basis of decades of experience. Designs for higher operating pressures or specific applications are on request. In these cases, please specify the precise operating conditions, intended tube dimensions and tube quality etc. To ensure functional safety of EO tube fittings, only EO parts should be used in their assembly.

Sales Unit: EACH

Hydrasun Stock CodePart NumberTube OD ( mm )BSPP Thread Size ( male )Nominal Pressure ( bar )Material
0052001695GE06LR1/4ED/7161/4315STAINLESS STEEL X6CRNIMoTi17122
0052001700GE06LR3/8/7163/8315STAINLESS STEEL X6CRNIMoTi17122
0052001705GE08LR/7181/4315STAINLESS STEEL X6CRNIMoTi17122
0052001715GE10LR/71101/4315STAINLESS STEEL X6CRNIMoTi17122
0052001720GE10LR3/8/71103/8315STAINLESS STEEL X6CRNIMoTi17122
0052001722GE10LR1/2/71101/2315STAINLESS STEEL X6CRNIMoTi17122
0052001730GE12LR1/4/71121/4315STAINLESS STEEL X6CRNIMoTi17122
0052001725GE12LR/71123/8315STAINLESS STEEL X6CRNIMoTi17122
0052001735GE12LR1/2/71121/2315STAINLESS STEEL X6CRNIMoTi17122
0052001737GE12LR3/4/71123/4315STAINLESS STEEL X6CRNIMoTi17122
0052001740GE15LR/71151/2315STAINLESS STEEL X6CRNIMoTi17122
0052001750GE22LR/71223/4160STAINLESS STEEL X6CRNIMoTi17122
0052001755GE28LR/71281160STAINLESS STEEL X6CRNIMoTi17122
0052001760GE35LR/71351,1/4160STAINLESS STEEL X6CRNIMoTi17122