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For over half a century Parker have provided design, engineering and manufacturing skills for activating and controlling fluid systems. At Parker we have made a commitment to customer service from the earliest stages of design to after sales support. We utilise ‘state of the art’ CAD systems combined with unique CNC machining with ‘closed loop’ control to ensure accuracy, and consistency, from design to final manufacturing. Our quality of service, both in manufacture and distribution, is reflected in the widespread specification of Parker Instrumentation Products in the traditional markets of Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Power Generation, as well as the environmental markets of Emission Control and Pollution Monitoring. At Parker we listen to our customers. Our product development is market led and our full range of products and services provides the customer with the opportunity to select Parker as the ‘single source’ for any contract. For the selection of raw materials to a consistently high standard, new product and quality control of manufacturing output, Parker’s expertise is unsurpassed. Experience in handling international projects with major customers, and the related documentation and co-ordination, is controlled by a dedicated department and supported by our approval to ISO 9001. Safety and reliability are key factors in Parker’s ever increasing success story. At Parker we have developed a hands-on ‘Safety at Work’ programme for fitters, engineers and management. Major companies who have participated in these programmes have found them so beneficial that they now include them as part of their product specification. Parker - where safety and reliability are more than just promises.

Sales Unit: EACH

Hydrasun Stock CodePart NumberNPT Thread Size ( male )NPT Thread Size ( female )Working Pressure ( psi )Material
00600051004-2RB-SS1/41/86,000316 STAINLESS STEEL
00600051506-2RB-SS3/81/86,400316 STAINLESS STEEL
00600052006-4RB-SS3/81/45,300316 STAINLESS STEEL
00600052508-2RB-SS1/21/86.600316 STAINLESS STEEL
00600053008-4RB-SS1/21/46,400316 STAINLESS STEEL
00600053508-6RB-SS1/23/84,600316 STAINLESS STEEL
006000540012-4RB-SS3/41/46,400316 STAINLESS STEEL
006000545012-6RB-SS3/43/84,600316 STAINLESS STEEL
006000550012-8RB-SS3/41/24,900316 STAINLESS STEEL
006000553016-4RB-SS11/44,600316 STAINLESS STEEL
006000554016-6RB-SS13/84,600316 STAINLESS STEEL
006000555016-8RB-SS11/24,600316 STAINLESS STEEL
006000560016-12RB-SS13/44,200316 STAINLESS STEEL